Life is a Stage

A Beautiful Song

Life is a stage and, on this stage, each one of us are allowed to sing the greatest song we will ever perform. You and I are a “beautiful song,” God’s greatest composition.

And like a beautiful song, we were crafted by His divine hand, each note carefully composed. Just like a grand performance, our lives unfold on this grand stage of life and there are many challenges that we will face and sometimes like a performance gone wrong we would like to just walk off the stage “in the middle of a song.”

As an artist, I am intimately familiar with the weight of the spotlight. The constant pursuit of excellence on stage is a relentless endeavor, yet there are moments when the outcome falls short of one’s aspirations.

Reflecting back on my school days, there was a time when I and some childhood friends formed a singing group. We eagerly auditioned for the yearly Easter talent show and put in hours of hard work to perfect our harmonies. Unfortunately, on the night of the performance, everything fell apart. Our harmonies were off, and the audience grew impatient, expressing their dissatisfaction with boos and shouts urging us to exit the stage. In that moment, feeling overwhelmed by embarrassment, I took the first step to walk away from it all. Despite expecting relief, I was met with further disappointment and a feeling of failure. Life’s challenges have a way of pushing you to the brink, tempting you to give up and exit the scene.

The Song

The award-winning band Rascal Flatts sings a powerful song called Why, which delves into the theme of someone losing hope and choosing to exit life’s stage prematurely. It’s a song about someone giving up on life, losing hope and walking off the stage of life “in the middle of a song.” Let’s examine this passage: 

Oh, why? That’s what I keep askin’

Was there anything I could have said or done?

Oh, I had no clue you were masking

A troubled soul, God only knows what went wrong

And why you’d leave the stage in the middle of a song

In the midst of today’s economic challenges, many individuals are feeling disheartened. Just like a performer who exits the stage prematurely while the music continues to play, we often allow one setback to overshadow the bigger picture. The songwriter poses a poignant question in the second verse: how can someone once so vibrant and full of life lose all hope? It is my firm belief that when we fixate on our problems rather than drawing strength from within, we risk becoming trapped in despair. We must believe that God is our source and that He is still in control of our circumstance and that He will bring us through. Again let’s examine a portion of verse (3):

Now the oak trees are swayin’ in the early autumn breeze

The golden sun is shining on my face

The tangled thoughts I hear a mockingbird sing

This old world really ain’t that bad a place

No matter how things get life is worth living it to the fullest. Yeah, and that means living through the sorrows, the pains, the joys, the memories, and the storms. When we have the right perspective about life, the hard times are tolerable because we know that there’s hope at the end of the storm. Always remember that through all of the disappointments and failures God still sees us for who we really are, “You’re a beautiful song!”

Ken Gober

Ken Gober

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