Do What You Got To Do

Two men who I greatly admire, both have a saying worded differently but say the same thing. My father says “You just have to deal with it.” My father-in-law says “You gotta do what you gotta do.” They both mean the same thing – when your back’s against the wall and the pressure is on “it’s got to get done!” However, knowing both of these old school renaissance men, there’s something that goes without saying – a hidden hero in their stories “with God’s leading and strength” He will work out.

I can hear the fellas – real men can carry the load! But remember we’re only human and there’s only so much we can do. Can I push my claim? (In my preachers cadence – LOL) 

My father worked 2-3 jobs all his life, made it to all of me and my brothers football, basketball & baseball games, bought a new home built from the ground up on a low to middle income salary and survived a car accident that the doctors said might not survive, then never walk again, and could possibly be crippled, but God! Only God can get that done!

Ken Gober

Ken Gober

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