The Choice Is Yours

Faith and fear are two emotions that are deeply intertwined in the human experience. Both have the power to shape our lives and influence our decision-making. Depending on how we choose to navigate these emotions, they can either serve as allies or adversaries.

Faith is a source of strength and comfort helping many of us to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. But, fear can often undermine this sense of faith by creating doubt and uncertainty. Whether it’s fear of failure, rejection, or the unknown, these feelings can easily erode our confidence and leave us feeling helpless. 

However, having faith in faith is not enough to make it through. Make no mistake about it the faith I’m referring to is an unshakeable faith in the almighty God. You know the solid rock that you can stand on; that firm foundation to be built on; and the high tower you can run to in times of trouble.

Faith and Fear both believe something they haven’t seen yet. Which one will you believe?

Ken Gober

Ken Gober

Blogger and Songwriter

Welcome to a Faith Fuel Life, I’m Ken Gober and this is a space where authenticity reigns supreme and introspection takes center stage.

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