A Change Of Heart

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Changing the Heart

In order for someone to change their behavior, their heart first must be transformed. The heart is the core of our being and influences how we interpret and react to everything happening around us. It is where our deepest desires and motivations reside. If we want to change how we act and think, we must first examine what is driving us at the core level. 

Jesus always connected with people at the core before changing their lives for the better. Jesus knew that it was not enough to just speak words if they did not resonate in the heart. Jesus’ ministry was all about transformation – changing how we viewed life, people, and yes God.

When people opened up their hearts to him, true deliverance is possible and that’s when the blind could see. Before we can fully understand the transformative power of Jesus’ teachings in our own lives, we must first open ourselves up to receiving his message into our hearts.

Ken Gober

Ken Gober

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